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Sprinter of Tucson Average Rating:
4.9 out of 5 stars (130 reviews)
Outstanding Caring Service
Dave Layton provided me with outstanding service. The quality and care that your dealership provides is excellent!!
– Russ Andaloro
C-Service: 2008 E-320 BLUETEC
I was a drive-in...with no prior appointment...because I was passing by M-B of Tucson with my BlueTec. My Service Advisor SEAN ARRANDA took me on the spot. Very cordial, no hassles, promptly. I was done and out in about 1.5 hours. Easy to do business there. Had some great Starbucks coffee and a snack. Got caught up on the news with two great newspapers. That's all folks.
– Douglas Albert Van Dorpe
Great Service
We were able to get our Sprinter in for a recall quickly. While there the Service techs brought to our attention that we were going to be due for maintenance soon. We were able to get this done as well eliminating having to return. They keep good track of our vehicle.
– Katheryn Peters
Excellent service as usual. Miserable Tucson and Pima County streets have not yet damaged day old tires.
– Eric Kohler
Purchase of SUV
I do look a lot. There’s so much to consider. I have, as we all have, had regrets. My only regret is that I’m not a Tucson resident to take full advantage of your dealerships assets. It was the best buying experience that I’ve ever had. David has a maturity that is a credit to his folks, and to the dealership. We are thankful for the memory of the experience which we will carry with us wherever we go in that remarkable vehicle. Greg Ash was equally accommodating in all ways as well, a gem for the dealership to be sure.
– Heald
The best!
Henry was the best! He let me watch him because I like to know what is happening.
– Ann Bruno
Great Service
Kayla is an outstanding service advisor who provides 5 Star Service every time.
– Emery Barker
Great service
Alan was at his usual. Great personal knowledge and service
– Daniel McCabe
I received great service on my E350 and it was done in a timely fashion
– Anthony Dalessandro
B service
We (my wife and i) informed the service rep that we were elderly and would appreciate our B service to be performed as quickly as possible. It was completed in 2.5 hrs, we were pleased and relieved that our wait time was minimal. thank you and and the service people for the consideration.
– jim miller