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Tucson, AZ 85715
Sprinter of Tucson
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4.9 out of 5 stars (184 reviews)
Service Dept.
The emergency break light assembly had to be replaced. A wk after the part arrived, I had an appt due to your busy sked. It was Monday (10:25AM) . All the loaners were taken. Was advised call to Enterprise so I could have a car as the service might take 2 hrs. However, I was given priority treatment and only waited an hr+. Didn’t have to wait for a rental (2 pp ahead of me). Was able to get out & do a lot of Xmas shopping in good weather before the chill set in and attractive Veteran’s Day pricing on the 12th. Given the VIP treatment...David Layton greeting me as I came in and Scott Perkins (Mgr) came outside to bid me farewell as I departed. Scott didn’t charge me for the Labor & part due to some problems I had discussed w/him when the car had an extensive annual inspection in early Oct. Very good comp car wash as well. Thank you!
– Judy Cavallon
Evan Stark in 2020
As always, Eva
– Eric Kohler
S 550 Service
The Chapman Mercedes Benz service is always excellent!? Only this is the first time I paid for them to find out what is wrong with my car. I don’t think I have done this ever before. But everything they do service wise or cleaning the car is wonderful! Neelam Sethi??
– Neelam Sethi
Maintenance Issue
Got "engine" icon...with NO associated words...on my tachometer cluster. Problem found out to be "gas cap was not securely fastened." I had no idea that was the problem and caused the "engine" icon to display. If there had been words showing next to the "engine icon", e.g. "gas cap", i would have checked the gas cap located under the door on the right rear side of my vehicle. there were no such words. i suggest that as a fix for future Mercedes vehicles.
– Douglas Van Dorpe
Challenging Service Environment
Checking in for my service appointment went very smoothly and I was on my way with a loaner very promptly. My service adviser made contact late in the afternoon with, "your car is okay but we haven't started the work yet". He went on to detail the fire in the service bay, the sprinkler system damage and the resulting service back-up. Yikes. He said he would call tomorrow morning with a status update, which he did. Still was unsure as to when they would be able to start the couple minor issues with my vehicle, but made the effort to keep me posted. That was appreciated. Got a call the following day, shortly after noon, they had finished the software updates and my vehicle was ready. Under the trying circumstances caused by the fire, I think my service adviser handled the situation in a very calm and professional manner. Other than the extra day my car was tied up the dealership performed very well and probably deserved an excellent rating. They'll definitely get the opportunity to service my vehicle in the future and I think the excellent rating will definitely be earned at that time. My vehicle was excellently detailed when I picked the vehicle up.
– John C Nelson
Once again Mark Schofield and the Service team did an outstanding job on our 2914 SLK! Keep up the great work!
– Gary & Katie Johnson
Service Dept. Evan Stark
Evan was going to charge me $484.53 for this service when I was in the 2nd yr of a pd contract. Was outside p/u the loaner when he came out to verify my phone ctc. Was able to use key given to me to get into another MB same color close to mine when I came out of a credit union getting into the wrong car! Loaner close to it.
– Judy Cavallon
Vehicle servicing
Have always had excellent service from Mark Thorough job, delivered as promised.
– Robert Sauvage
Great service experience as always.
– Art Swanson
Service call
Steve at Chapman Mercedes is always a delight to work with. He kept us informed on when to expect our vehicle. always pleasant
– Denise Sigon