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ML500 Service
After having the CLK 550 serviced, I dropped the ML off for regular scheduled service. Mark managed the pick-up and drop off, got the service completed, detailed it and got it back to me quickly. I appreciate all that Mark does to keep my cars in tip top shape. Thanks. Nor
– Norbert McLaughlin
Mark Schofield scheduled the appointment but was not in the office on the day scheduled. David Layton took my appointment and did a great job: checked the car in, provided a loaner, got the service completed and called to let me know the car was ready. Mark and I had agreed that I would bring the ML in for scheduled service after completing the CLK. This was accomplished with a smooth hand off from David to Mark. All good.
– Norbert McLaughlin
My experience
I was received with the most professional representative. Informing me of the expected time my car would be completed. I was offered gormade coffee Starbuck, and my loaner was brought to the service drive. I was assisted into the loaner and informed of the use of the instrument for satellite. Thank for an amazing experience.
– Mary Garrow
Difficult diagnostic issue handled well
My new AMG 63s has purportedly 91 computers. A serious stall issue was hard to pinpoint and took several weeks but they kept at it, found it and fixed it, Scott kept me updated and a loaner was provided so there was little inconvenience. The team has my gratitude and Scott Perkins gets high marks for great customer service and ability to explain the process and progress. Thanks!
– Sharon malcolmson
Major Maintenance
Great job doing a major overhaul of my aging 2005 SL500: engine mounts, transmission mount, ball joints and boots, S belt. Drive like a new car again. Thanks, Shawn!
– Michael G. Mathis
Fast Purchase
Our purchase of my pre-owned Mercedes was the fastest and smoothest one we have ever had. We just purchased another car in the last few months and while it was ok, we certainly didn't get through it as quickly as at Chapman. I really appreciated not having to spend hours and hours upon the purchase as with other dealerships. All was well executed and as stress free as could be. Thanks!
– Jennifer Yount
Very Professional
Mark is a great service advisor and the service was excellent!
– Leonard Teiber
Mercedes review
Mark in the service department get a great job of taking care of my car on my last service visit
– L Gebell
My 2005 C230 would not start due to an apparently dead battery. I was able to start it with my power station in order to attend a scheduled business meeting and subsequently bring it to the dealership to be checked, phoning ahead to leave a voicemail message with Steve Shumaker, my long-standing service representative. Even though it was a busy day at the shop and I had no previously scheduled appointment, he was able to arrange the needed evaluation and replacement of the battery in a little over an hour’s time to get me on my way to other appointments, making my day much easier than I thought was possible. This was extremely helpful and the kind of experience I have come to expect from Mercedes-Benz of Tucson.
– Robert Metz
Steve does a great job: he is courteous, considerate. Got the job done very quickly. Excellent dealership.
– Joan rosenblatt