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4.9 out of 5 stars (130 reviews)
Service is always impeccable. Staff takes customers seriously and unlike the Click or Miller dealerships does not hide in the manager’s office discussing “The Game.”
– Eric Kohler
– Brian Walker
Great Service and Comfortable, Convenient Waiting
My experience was first class. I was greeted immediately upon arrival and introduced to the Service Manager, Shawn Aranda, who quickly completed my check-in and had my CLK 550 Cabriolet moving into the service area within minutes. Shawn further explained the dealership's waiting areas and amenities to make me comfortable during my wait. The service team advised me of other services that my car may be in need of as this was my first service visit at Mercedes-Benz of Tucson and they had no prior service history for my car. I very much appreciated this as I was in need of also having my transmission serviced in addition to the normal A Service that I had come in for that day. Thanks so much for ensuring that my car was current on its maintenance needs before I embarked on my vacation to Mexico in a few days! I will be back again...
– Jerome McGinn
Consistently great service
Seamless and quick service, provided by courteous and competent people. Always a pleasure and no stress when I take my car in for anything.
– Terry Flores
Quick repair
I needed a quick repair on a relatively minor issue as I was scheduled to go out of town. I called the service supervisor (Mark Schofield) who has been assisting me in the past. Although he was very busy, He worked me in, all was resolved. Much appreciated.
– Robert Sauvage
Mark Scofield
Did a outstanding job ensure I received great service
– Aldo Cattera
Dependably Excellent Service
I've owned Mercedes cars since 1964. Foir many years, I performed the standard service and repairs myself--until I could not longer buy service manuals. No problem. MB of Tucson has been performing excellent service on (now our S430 and CL-55 AMG) MBs for many years. They know what they're doing and, if necessary, make corrections. Parts support is excellent, our service agent is (and have been) also excellent, and repairs are miraculous sometimes by the same mechanic we've had for years.
– Mark Gordon
My service advisor (David) provided exceptional service and helped me with all of my concerns. I truly appreciate his approach and all of the professional service he and the staff provides. Thank-you and Great Job!
– pike robinson
Thank you
– Steve Miller
Like Don Corleone in _The Godfather_Dave Layton, my service advisor, never makes a promise he can’t keep!
– Eric Kohler